Friends of Wing

In my travels and studies, I've been lucky enough to befriend a number of brilliant writers of both fiction and nonfiction, poets, visual artists, musicians and other talented people. Check out their all their awesome work!

Shanon Fitzgerald

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Originally from Canada’s capital, Shanon lives and creates in Calgary, Alberta. In 2014 she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting and a minor in religious studies. Shanon maintains a working studio in Calgary where she applies her craft to explore themes of human connection, division and introspection. Her art is known for being candid, raw and imbued a gritty, almost cutting, vulnerability. Her work has exhibited in a number of venues in Western Canada (including the cover and inner pages of ICARUS!).

Check more of Shanon’s beautiful work on her website:


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Originally from Florida (and then Georgia) Brent Thomas now lives in Tokyo Japan, having migrated east after university, way back in 2004. He has worked as a teacher and schoolboard administrator in Japan. He also earned his MA in international relations from Waseda University. And he married a wonderful woman and started an amazing family!

Though it all, Brent has been writing. In 2016, he published his first novel, a high-adventure fantasy called Deadly Troubadours. The sequel, Sand, Sea and Stone is due to be release soon! He hosts/co-hosts a number of podcasts on his website, talking comics, living in Japan, and offering an audio novella about vampires in Tokyo.

Click the links below or check out for fiction, podcasts, blog posts, movie/comic reviews (and even a ukulele video or two!)!

Ian Gibbs

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Born in the UK and emigrating to Canada with his family when he was young, Ian carries with him the Celtic beliefs and gifts of his heritage. Always fascinated by storytelling, ghosts and hauntings, Ian found himself more and more assisting friends with their ghost problems and learning much more than simply stories along the way.

Author of Victoria's Most Haunted: 30 Ghost Stories from BC's Historic Capital City, Ian also hosts the Ghost Stories Guys Podcast where he explores even more stories of the paranormal and things that go bump in the night. When not writing, Ian holds down a regular day job as well as doing guided Ghostly Walks in Victoria, BC where he lives. Most of all, Ian enjoys hearing from his readers. Check out Ian's great book and podcast!


Diana Pearson

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Scholar, artist, and recovering musician, Diana Pearson is the product of a strong entrepreneurial mother and an artistic father. Having grown up on Canada’s west coast, Diana now finds home wherever she happens to be when the ones she loves are close. (Though for tax purposes she does keep a legal residence.) Possessing a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies, she is always eager to discuss topics of gender, sexuality, or simply her own life and experiences—be it over glasses of wine or in an academic paper. Her writing has found publication in The Hampton Institute, Portal Magazine, Feminist Spaces Journal, Compass Rose Journal, Earth Common Journal, and The NAV.

Diana’s artistic side has most recently manifested in her exquisite glass-blown art, which can be seen on her Glassworks site. Additionally, the music she created in her previous life as a musician (of which she herself has, at best, mixed opinions—but everyone else loves) is still available on SoundCloud. (But don’t tell her I told you that.)