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In a time remembered only in myth, on the Isle of Crete, where a brutal king rules absolutely, Icarus lives a life of loneliness. Desperate to protect the boy from enslavement, his father forbids him from even speaking to another human being. But as all children learn to confound their parents, Icarus ventures into a bond of friendship and brotherhood, uncovering powerful emotions he never knew existed . . . emotions he has only just begun to understand.

Now, Icarus’ friendship with the son of one of his father’s enemies has set in motion events that endanger them all. And even as his father plots their escape, death settles all around them. Chased by tragedy, on wings of feathers, wax and possibility, the boy and his father make their bid for freedom. Safe at last . . . as long as Icarus remembers his father’s words…


Reviews for ICARUS:

Adam Wing’s Icarus is powerful and gripping. It brings life to a myth that always deserved more. Attention to detail and evocative language puts you right in the Mediterranean beside iconic characters we all grew up with.

        — Matt Berry, CEFX-FM
             (X92.9) Calgary

Adam has a way with words, fresh approach to an old story, definitely one to check out. I can't wait to see what he comes out with next!

— Ian Gibbs, Victoria’s Most Haunted (author),
Ghost Story Guys Podcast

4.9/5 Stars on Goodreads! Click here for more reviews.


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