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I (Wing) am a life-long fiction writer and student of writing. Though I’ve spent decades honing my craft, you’ve found me at the start of my career. A little over a year ago, I published my first novel, ICARUS, of which I’m immensely proud. Now I’ve just released a second book, a macabre short story anthology called APOCA LYPSE SINK SHIPS and I’m getting pretty close to finishing my modern fantasy novella, MATRIARCH. (Click on the titles for details!) Also check out my writing blog, Dog-Eared Corner, where will I go into deep dives on process, theory, tips, and whatever else I can think of from my own story-telling experience.


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Icarus is my first novel! It's not inspired by the myth, not a re-imagining, but an actual retelling of the original story, in the time and place it was said to have happened (give-or-take a century or three). I strove in it, to give soul to characters we tend to think of in terms of marble statues and baroque renaissance paintings, give life to a story we regard as parable—practically a nursery-rhyme! My hope was to tell the story as it was meant to be told, and to break your damn heart, doing it. And if Goodreads is any indication, I succeeded!

In the spirit of the myth, all royalties on the first 10,000 books will go to assist displaced families seeking safety. Hopefully, we can prevent endings in the real world, as tragic as the story's. Alternatively, if you scroll down and subscribe to this site you'll get a FREE eBook copy of the novel! And for every hundred subscribers, I'll donate an additional $5. So far donations have gone to Rohingya refugees (BRAC), asylum seekers separated at the US/Mexico border (GoFundMe) and victims of the 2017 Mexican Earthquake (Direct Relief).

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