I don't really consider myself a visual artist. Others in my family have claim to the lion's share of that talent. I think I could be, if I studied, practiced and worked real damn hard at it, but I'd always be a no-good writer at heart. Anyway, here's some dumb stuff I drew.

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Let’s see what kind of nonsense we can draw this year.

Do you know what famous meme this is referencing?


I got a tablet in 2018 and started making dumb art with it.


These are some pictures I made on MS Paint between 2010 and 2014. (Click to view.)

Illustrations from APOCA LYPSE SINK SHIPS

Scans of the hand-penciled originals, not the touched up versions offered in the book. (Click to view.)

Ancient Artifacts 1:

Illustrations From My Time-Travelling, Man-Made God / Alien-Mobster Movie Idea (1998-2000)

Ancient Artifacts 2:

Youthful Goth Drawing Phase (1999-2003...ish)

Ancient Artifacts 3:

Some Random Stuff (Early 2000's)