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Explore the strange, the dark, and the unexpected (and on occasion, the ridiculous).

This anthology of weird tales will pull you into the hidden cracks and lost places of human experience. What lurks beneath the surface? Who are we when the real and the impossible have become one?

What do we hide from the people around us? From ourselves?

Stories Include:

After the Seraphim

Earth’s greatest secret agent, in humanity’s direst moment, fails. The world pays the price, and she is left with an impossible choice: help the perpetrators of the worst mass murder of all time, or sabotage our species’s future on Earth. Can she find another option? A balance between the two? Can she live with these monsters without losing her own humanity? Or alone without doing the same?

Pretty-Boy Fast

Freddy Fast has never been defeated. He’s never even been hit. But how good is he? Can he beat ten men in a row? Fifty? A hundred? Find out as he faces his greatest challenge yet.

The Other Man in the Bathroom

On an exhausting red-eye flight across the Atlantic, James encounters an unexpected, and inexplicable, visitor. What is this impossible being before him, and what does it want with him? Can he trust it? Faced with a frightening dilemma, will James have the courage to act? Every choice has consequences. What will be they for James? And for those around him…

Last Place on Earth

Her life isn’t what she thought it would be. Running away is all she could think to do. But what is this train on which she’s found herself? And why doesn’t it seem to be stopping?


An engineering firm has constructed the perfect fighting robot. To test it, they’ve set up televised match against the Legendary Master of an ancient kung fu school. When a wrench is thrown in the works the morning of the fight, the company scrambles figure out a way to pull it off without anyone noticing.


Guest author, Diana Pearson explores the final moments of her father’s life, from his perspective. Greet the darkness in a confluence of hallucinations, memories and reality—confusion, fear and love—anxiety and blissful serenity.

And more…

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